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      1. 关闭

        Company Profile

        Chelleson Scientific Instruments Company is an instrument dealer serving for China and Hong Kong market. Chelleson Scientific Instruments Company wholly owned by Chelleson Holdings Limited was found in Hong Kong in 1990 by former Managing Director, Mr. Lo King Yan, which specialized in distributing world-class of scientific instruments, industrial testing equipment, laboratory apparatus, measuring and controlling instruments, weighing scales and balances, teaching aids for science education for customers in Hong Kong and China.

        At the present moment, we have a head-office in Hong Kong and 5 branches offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Dongguan). The total no. of our staff is over 50, and the service department is equipped in each of our 6 offices. Our mission is to be the leading company in China, serving the      communities, through effective usage of scientific instruments.

        Our customers are mainly from Government Laboratories, Public Departments and Organizations, Universities and Educational Institutions, Tobacco, Accredited and Research Laboratories, Electronics, Toys, Pharmaceutical, Textile and Garments, Construction and Food industries.

        Our head office is located in Hong Kong where we provided Sales office, Show room, Service Centre and Warehouse.  In order to expand and smoothen our business in China, our branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dongguan were established, for supplying the services that meet the needs of our valuable customers in China more efficiency.  Apart from the sales sector, all service centers in each office have well-trained engineers and technicians to furnish after-sales service support, such as installation, commissioning and repair of our handling products.

        Our company is the sole distributor of Skalar Analytical B.V. in Hong Kong and China.  Besides, we also handle other brands such as: SII Nano Technology Inc, GBC Scientific Equipment Ltd, Ohaus Corporation, GL Science, and SKC etc.